Pippa and kittens day 5

Pippa and kittens day 5

All our kittens will grow up in our home with great love and good care. They can go to their new owner when they are 12-13 weeks of age. Then they will be fully socialized, can eat by themselves and are littertrained. They will be dewormed (three times) and they got their necessary vaccinations and the identification chip. They will be inspected by our vet regarding their health twice and they’ll bring an European Healthcertificate with them. Together with the new owner I will sign a contract. In this contract I’ll also give a written healthgarantee for the kitten. A three-generationpedigree and owners certificate will be provided through TICA.

In Europe there are not many breeders of the Pixiebob and most Pixiebobs are imported from the USA. The price of a petkitten varies and depends on the quality of the kitten.

Are you interested in one of our kittens or do you need further information please send an e-mail to

On the pages of the kittens you can read more about this kitten and if the kitten is under evaluation, available, if there has been taken an option on the kitten or if the kitten has been sold.

  • Under evaluation: Kitten has not been sold to see what quality the kitten has when growing. Kitten could be staying in our cattery and when not this kitten could be sold later on as a pet or breeder with or without showquality.
  • Option: An future owner has taken an option on this kitten and paid half of the price. I think it is important for the future owner to get acquainted with the kitten and with us before they will decide to buy the kitten and sign the contract.
  • Available: The kitten is available to a new loving home.
  • Sold: The kitten has been sold, fully been paid for en the contract has been signed.