No kittens from Ronja yet

Ronja hasn’t yet given birth, but I think she can deliver her kittens any moment now. The last couple of days she has been growing fast and she gained a total of 1 kilo weight right now. Her belly is growing every day. She eats a lot and she has been searching for small places to crawl in. But she also like to lay down next to me on the couch. The last days she had some contractions and I can feel the kittens moving a lot in her belly. It won’t be long until we can enjoy the little ones. I’m looking forward to that!

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  1. Manuela Viegas & Dirk van der Linden
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    Lieve Karin,

    We leven helemaal met jullie mee en kijken ook erg uit naar de geboorte van de kittens. En wat is Ronja een lieverdje. Veel succes en tot gauw!

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