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Stevie and Monty

The shorthaired boy has been sold. The shorthaired girl is reserved. She is very sweet and affectionate and she is looking for her forever loving home!               Two longhaired boys have been sold. One longhaired boy will stay in our program.

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Eddie and Nathan

  • Number Of Kittens: 5
  • Number Of Kittens Available: 0
  • Born on: August 19, 2014
  • Mother: Dutch Pixiebob Eddie
  • Vader: Catsheavens Nathan

Kitten 1: Longhaired girl with 3/4 tail has been sold. Kitten 2: Shorthaired boy with nst with curl at the end has been sold.             Kitten 3: Longhaired girl with 3/4 tail is under evaluation Kitten 4: Shorthaired girl is in option.             Kitten 5: Longhaired girl without […]

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