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Today the 4 kittens of Pippa and Monty were born!

Today the 4 kittens of Pippa and Monty were born! There are 2 females, 1 poly with a NST and 1 SF with a NST and 2 males, 1 with a perfect bobtail and poly on all four: 7-7 front and 5-5 hind and 1 male, poly with a long tail.  Pippa and kittens are […]

Very bad news!

I’m so sorry I have to tell you that we lost all the kittens of Pippa. Last Thursday the first kitten could not breath normal any more. Instantly I went to the vet with Pippa and her kittens. I got nosedrops and the advice to feed him extra. After some hours his lungs were full […]

Kittens of Pippa and Monty are born!

Today 4 kittens of Pippa and Monty are born. This morning 7.15 AM Pippa  came to me and decided to lay down close to me under my sheets. The first kitten is born 9.35 AM, a male with a short tail and he is polydactile (6-6-5-5). The second kitten is  also a male with a […]

An update!

The last months I was very busy, I had a holiday, so finally an update of my cattery. Thank you all for your patience! Neo and Charlie are doing great! Emmy is going to be a big girl, she is very sweet and she loves to cuddle. Pippa is going to be a first time […]

Kittens 11 weeks old

Kittens 11 weeks old! The two kittens of Ronja, Mila and Emmy, are growing very fast. They are big girls. They were under evaluation, because I want to keep one of them for my breedingprogram. I decided to let Mila go, that’s why she is available for a forever loving home (not as a breeder) […]