At this moment I’m looking for a forever home for brother and sister Pixiebob, born 15 May 2011. They are very sweet and affectionate.

March 19th 2014 7 kittens were born from Dutch Pixiebob Emmy and Aston Woods Cedar. I’m very proud of Emmy.

Welcome to Cattery Dutch Pixiebob, owned by Karin van Elck! My little hobby-cattery is registered with TICA and I breed my Pixiebobs according to the ethical rules defined by this organization. This site is managed by Karin van Elck and is intended to keep visitors up-to-date about my cattery and its Pixiebobs. On this site, you will find information about Pixiebobs in general, my own Pixiebobs, and the kittens I am offering for sale. If you’re looking for a large, calm cat that forms a strong bond with its owner and has an exotic and wild appearance, the Pixiebob is most likely the cat you are looking for!









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